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"Escartín Abogados is a leading firm in Mexico that addresses radically different issues related to Business Law and Consumer Law."

About us?

"Escartín Abogados is a leading firm in Mexico that addresses radically different issues related to Business Law and Consumer Law."


What do we do?

We attend more than 100 hearings a week before administrative and judicial authorities, related to issues that involve consumer relationships of the most important companies that operate in the country in multiple sectors, with a team of specialist lawyers with many years of experience in the sector . We also meet the requirements of administrative authorities and complaints regarding advertising, while serving the legal and marketing departments of multiple national and international companies, advising them throughout the legal path for the development of their products or services, distinguishing ourselves by advising many of the most important advertising campaigns in the country, being proud that almost every day we see in the media, products and campaigns in which we have participated or that we are defending.

How do we do it?

We have a team of lawyers and specialists unique in Mexico with high levels of technical knowledge and the highest ethical standards to meet the needs of our clients. Normally we advise our clients from the phases prior to the launch of their products or services to the market, supporting them so that they know all the applicable regulations, such as the application of Federal, Local, Official Mexican Standards, Sanitary Regulation, etc., so that their products and The advertising campaigns that generally accompany them go to market with a solid legal scaffolding. In the event that administrative, judicial or other disputes arise, we advise our clients before the authorities and we release all kinds of procedures personally and directly until the cases are definitively concluded, using technological platforms to inform our clients of prompt and efficient way.


In Escartín Abogados we distinguish ourselves by making more flexible the way in which cases are currently handled in Mexico, since we adapt to the ways of work of the internal legal departments of companies, their budgets, their international ethical compliance policies and why We are an integrating office where if you require some specialized technical knowledge such as laboratories, verification units or even other professionals much more specialized in any branch of law or science we make them available to our clients, coordinating their actions to achieve efficient results.


Why do we do it?

In Escartín Abogados we do what we do because we are passionate about our mission and we really love what we do, so we believe that being ethical, transparent. In full, being responsible with our community and helping clients and companies that share with us these same principles and ideals, we can improve our position in our country.

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