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Pro Bono and RS

At Escartín Abogados we are aware that before we receive we have to give, so that from its foundation it allocates resources and time of its partners and lawyers to the care of pro bono cases, mainly on issues that matter protection of the rights of people of women in vulnerable situations, minors, girls, etc., on a permanent basis.


There is a standing committee that evaluates with criteria of necessity and suitability those cases that will enter the Pro Bono program of our firm, existing throughout the life of the firm, case care to protect cultural rights to museums, support of disability assistance institutions and on a permanent basis assist scants in the care of family trials.


Pro bono support includes that our firm, in those approved cases, absorbs the fees generated by partners and lawyers for the attention of such matters and in some cases even absorb some expenses, such as transfers, copies, prints, etc.


If you have any cases that you think deserves to be submitted to our evaluation committee, send it to us for review.


Lead Lawyer in Consumer Law

Lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega, founding partner of the Escartín Abogados Firm, is widely recognized by Tops Mexico for being the only jurist in our country that has a specialty of Consumer Law, which has become a pillar of the innovative services in your office.

Honorable Mention in Consumer Law


The lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega and the firm Escartín Abogado, is recognized for the second year of incorporation, by Tops Mexico for being the only and first jurist in our country with a specialty in Consumer Law 

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