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Innovate in Consumer Law and Advertising Regulation

With a Master's Degree in Private Law and three Specialties in: Civil, Commercial and Amparo Law, the Mtro. Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega, literally 'hit the nail', as he found a virgin niche and very little explored in Mexico within the law of the company: consumer law and advertising regulation. Thus a decade ago he founded the Law Firm Escartín Arciniega y Asociados which has had a resounding success. Among its clients are numerous AAA companies, leaders in consumers, as well as SMEs and startups.

"We only serve organizations committed to law enforcement," Mtro says forcefully. Escartín Arciniega, who refers, among the services it offers: Advertising verifications by the Federal Consumer Attorney's Office (PROFECO) and Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks (COFEPRIS), verification and surveillance, legal development of products and services, review and drafting of terms and conditions of advertising campaigns for analogue and digital media, compliance with the Mexican Official Standards (NOMs) via the review of labelling general and nutritious, slogans, attention to commercial complaints, comparative advertising, recall or recall notices, prior copy advice of campaigns, mystery lawyer (review of advertising and labelling of products and stores without notice), e-commerce (e-commerce and obtaining mexican standard compliance certificate for digital stores), Conciliaexpress and Concilianet (audience care via the internet), etc.

"We seek to be a differentiating factor in relation to the rest of the firms since we are ultra-specialized in these matters not only in the preventive field but also in the corrective field. Every day we file an average of five nullity trials against the authorities' rulings and attend around 150 weekly hearings before PROFECO (approximately 30 per day)," explains the renowned lawyer.


It should be noted that this legal firm as well as its main partners are founders and current coordinators of the Subcommittee on Consumer Law and Advertising Regulation of the National Association of Business Lawyers (ANADE).

"We give conferences and update talks to lawyers in the legal departments of companies and their marketing departments on new laws and regulations on advertising and consumer law," says Master Escartín Arciniega.


"We are also in constant communication with the competent authorities regarding the regulation of companies. They often seek us to comment on new legislation for issuing the issues of consumers and advertising," he concludes.

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