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Banking and Finnancial

Through this area of practice, Escartín, Arciniega y Asociados, S.C., offers its clients a range of legal solutions and services, namely:

A) Compliance: In Escartín, Arciniega y Asociados, S.C., we are aware of the multiple and complex regulation that financial sector entities are obliged to comply with. Based on this, Escartín Abogados, offers legal solutions and services aimed at the effective compliance with this regulation, making an adequate interpretation of the rules and taking into account the criteria issued by both the administrative authorities and the courts, all in order to avoid or reduce the possibility of economic or other sanctions by the entity.

The services offered by Escartín Abogados in this area are, among others:

(I) Legal support and training to the areas of the entity responsible for compliance with financial regulation.

(II) Attention to requirements and any type of communication made by the financial sector authorities (BANXICO, CNBV, CONDUSEF, SHCP).

(III) Preparation of reports and writings that in terms of law are obliged to make entities of that sector, as well as the realization of registrations in the registers of commissions, accession contracts or any other that may apply.


B) Legal support in financial transactions: Escartín, Arciniega y Asociados, S.C., understands that the proper negotiation and implementation of active, passive and/or service transactions, including those of a stock market nature, carried out by its clients, is of utmost relevance for their subsistence and positioning in the market. For this reason, Escartín Abogados, offers solutions and legal advice highly specialized in financial matters, focused on the contracts or financial instruments that our clients subscribe to serve as a vehicle to achieve their business objectives with the greatest legal certainty. Likewise, Escartín Abogados, has extensive experience in the negotiation and implementation of bank deposit transactions; credit in all its forms; loan; lease, financial and pure; factoring; trust; including no possession transmission; mortgage and industrial mortgage, among others. Finally, Escartín Abogados, has extensive experience in issuing legal opinions for the placement of paper on the stock market.

C) Fintech: Our Team Escartín Abogados, has participated in the legal structuring of the operations of various collective financing companies and electronic payment funds, both before and after the promulgation of the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions.


Lead Lawyer in Consumer Law

Lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega, founding partner of the Escartín Abogados Firm, is widely recognized by Tops Mexico for being the only jurist in our country that has a specialty of Consumer Law, which has become a pillar of the innovative services in your office.

Honorable Mention in Consumer Law


The lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega and the firm Escartín Abogado, is recognized for the second year of incorporation, by Tops Mexico for being the only and first jurist in our country with a specialty in Consumer Law 

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