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Mercantile Civil

In Escartín, Arciniega y Asociados, S.C., we advise our clients always seeking the prevention of risks and controversies to avoid future trials; However, in the event of any litigation, we are prepared to protect the rights and interests of our customers in a responsible and timely manner. We have extensive experience in all kinds of litigation, representing both the actor and the defendant before Federal and State Courts. As part of the firm's comprehensive service to its clients, this area of expertise works closely with others in the preparation and review of contracts and in the analysis of all types of commercial and financial operations, seeking the best position and the greatest security of the client during the execution of the contract and if that is the case, respond to possible controversies that may arise in the future.

This area is responsible for handling cases in Family Material, Probate and Intestamentary Successions, Elaboration of Contracts of all kinds, including leases, Purchase-Sale, etc.


Lead Lawyer in Consumer Law

Lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega, founding partner of the Escartín Abogados Firm, is widely recognized by Tops Mexico for being the only jurist in our country that has a specialty of Consumer Law, which has become a pillar of the innovative services in your office.

Honorable Mention in Consumer Law


The lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega and the firm Escartín Abogado, is recognized for the second year of incorporation, by Tops Mexico for being the only and first jurist in our country with a specialty in Consumer Law 

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