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The Firm provides advice on business organization, guiding our clients on the desirability of conducting their business operations individually or as a company, the above depending on the business model raised by the client.


If this is the case, we assist our clients in the establishment of the company in question according to the nature of their business and to establish the mechanisms that allow them to document the day-to-day operation of the business itself.


We also advise our clients on the preparation of the company contract, including the issuance of shares and the submission of the corresponding documents to the relevant authorities.

Likewise, in order to provide a comprehensive service, we advise, negotiate and prepare national and international contracts for various branches of industry and trade, certainly contemplating civil, commercial, labor, administrative and foreign trade derived from the operations that our clients carry out.


This area is responsible for regularizing the corporate status of the companies that are our clients, elaboration of minutes of ordinary and extraordinary assemblies, elaboration of powers, assignments, splits, contracts, etc.


Lead Lawyer in Consumer Law

Lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega, founding partner of the Escartín Abogados Firm, is widely recognized by Tops Mexico for being the only jurist in our country that has a specialty of Consumer Law, which has become a pillar of the innovative services in your office.

Honorable Mention in Consumer Law


The lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega and the firm Escartín Abogado, is recognized for the second year of incorporation, by Tops Mexico for being the only and first jurist in our country with a specialty in Consumer Law 

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