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Intellectual Property

In Escartín, Arciniega y Asociados, S.C., we are mindful of the importance of the value of our clients' intangible assets, so as part of the comprehensive service provided by the Firm, we have specialists in the field of intellectual property and therefore we advise our clients in everything related to the protection of inventions, copyright, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce.

Some of the services provided by the Firm in this area are as follows:

1.- Legal opinions related to the matter. Investigations related to trademark history, commercial notices, inventions, copyrights and domain names.

2.- Integration, presentation and continuity of the validity of all kinds of intellectual property rights, including of course patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, domain names and commercial notices.

3.- Development of strategies for the prevention of contingencies in this area, including the manufacture and marketing of counterfeit goods.

4.- Protection of copyright, literary, musical, cinematographic and artistic works in general.

5.- Protection of confidential information and industrial secrets in the commercial and/or labor relations of our customers.

6.- Preparation and registration of license agreements.

7.- Advice on franchises, including registration and administration.

8.- Specialized litigation related to the matter.


Lead Lawyer in Consumer Law

Lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega, founding partner of the Escartín Abogados Firm, is widely recognized by Tops Mexico for being the only jurist in our country that has a specialty of Consumer Law, which has become a pillar of the innovative services in your office.

Honorable Mention in Consumer Law


The lawyer Rodrigo Escartín Arciniega and the firm Escartín Abogado, is recognized for the second year of incorporation, by Tops Mexico for being the only and first jurist in our country with a specialty in Consumer Law 

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